Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Good Mom

My "mom life" has been difficult lately. I remember when I was newly married. I not only had a new husband, but I had a new house in a new city, attended a new church with all new people. Ten years later, I have found myself back in that similar situation, only this time not as scary. I'm in a new house, now with 4 children, 2 of them going to a new school, in a new neighborhood, and a new church trying to make new friends. I thought that sending 2 of my 4 kids to school was going to be a breeze at home, providing ample time to get settled in. It turns out that the two that stay home with me happen to be my "clingy" ones who demand my attention all day long. So while I'm trying to answer their calls, I've got a huge list of "to do's" floating around in my head, which has made me a little edgy (more like a lot edgy).
Sitting down to play with my kids has always been a struggle for me so this morning during the baby's nap, I decided to ask my 4-year old what makes a good mom:
1. She sweeps the floor
2. She makes stuff for us and others
3. She shares her stuff
4. She invites other kids over to play
While I'm sure each kid would have a different list, that's pretty simple. I know I still need to work on playing with them more, but I wonder if the "good mom list" in our heads is unnecessarily overwhelming us. Being a mom isn't easy. Being a good mom is even harder.