Saturday, September 24, 2011

Focused On Love

Last night I saw a movie that reminded me of my dad. This happens often. The actor was a middle aged man. Divorced with a twelve year old daughter who he saw on the weekends. Even though he was a great man, he constantly doubted himself. He tried really hard to make the right choices but was never truly happy with how his life had ended up.
I don't know if that's exactly how my dad felt about himself, but I think it was close. The camera showed lots of closeups of this actor. He even had the same wrinkles and lines under his eyes as my dad did. In a strange way it brought me comfort. I felt like I was able to see a close up of my dad's face again. Sometimes I can close my eyes and picture exactly what his hands looked like.
There have been so many times I've wished I could do it all over again. He needed so much love. Sometimes that overwhelmed me. Most of the time I had a negative perspective, viewing him as selfish, which pushed me away from showing him how much I really loved him and how close I wanted him to be. Unfortunately I have shown more compassion and love to strangers than my own family. Showing grace and forgiveness is what keeps our hearts in constant connection.
I know I can't turn back the clock. I'll never get the chance to love him again. No other relationship could replace it. But I have learned to value the relationships I do have. As a wife, I keep in mind that my relationship with Aaron is more important than the issue. As a mother, nothing is more important to me than keeping a close relationship with my kids. As a daughter, sister, niece, etc., I enjoy my family relationships more. I appreciate the stories of their lives and who they are today. We are all humans, full shortcomings and greatness. I aim to stay focused on love, knowing that life is so very short.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Surprise Date #3

This date wasn't actually one of my surprises. We had a Groupon to Reginelli's (thanks mom) so we went there. After dinner, we headed to Tutti Frutti (Aaron's new fav) and then to Starbucks for my Tall White Mocha. Yummy.
The busier our life gets, the more I enjoy getting away with my hubby. I looked forward to it all day and had a really great time just hanging out. It's awesome to be married to and share kids with your best friend.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Just minutes before show time, the dining table sat perfectly arrayed. A pretty tablecloth and floral centerpieces set the foundation for the strategically placed plates, forks, spoons, cups and saucers positioned in front of each of the eight stuffed-toy guests invited to my daughter's tea party. Bowls filled with raisins, goldfish crackers, bananas and green olives provided a generous culinary offering. 


"The sound of my
oft-repeated phrase
served as a deep reminder
of how my child watches 
and listens to everything I say."

A beautiful spread, but it was ruined in the short time it took my daughter to change into her princess dress. When I entered the dining room I found Aly staring at the center of the table in disbelief while our family dog devoured the cheesy delights and polished off the green olives while the getting was good. Tears streamed down Aly's face while she repeated over and over, "Roll with the punches Aly, just roll with the punches." The sound of my oft-repeated phrase served as a deep reminder of how my child watches and listens to everything I say.

I scooped the dog off the table, scolded him and promptly sent him to time-out in the backyard. I then turned my attention to my 4-year-old. Together we re-set her table, cleaned up the mess, and positioned each invitee at their seat with newly filled bowls. This time I joined the party as Aly's guest of honor. We sipped lemonade, ate green olives and goldfish crackers and talked about how life was all about "rolling with the punches."   

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Family Day at the Cool Zoo

Just like we have allotted $20 out of the budget for date nights every other week, we have decided to set aside another $20 on the opposite week for Family Days. Two weeks ago we were supposed to go to our local pool but the Tropical Storm stopped us. Today is our first one going to the Cool Zoo (more pics below). It took exactly $20 to get all of us in. We packed a lunch and the boys had a blast. I even ran around with them this time. I felt and probably looked like one of the kids! Stay tuned for future Family Days. I have them planned all the way until the end of the year!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Boys and The Girls

Anytime I have errands to run or a place I need to go, such as a wedding or a baby shower, Aaron always finds something fun to do with the boys. It sounds like a good dad thing to do, and it is, but I sometimes feel left out. Now that we have Mazie, it works out perfectly. Aaron can take the boys to do fun things while I take Mazie to showers. Today Aaron took them to a Tulane football game in the Superdome while Mazie and I went shoe shopping for a wedding. Unfortunately I didn't find shoes for the wedding but I did score some adorable little grey sandals with flowers on the top for only $9.99! A great day for everyone.