Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Sorry I have not written in 19 days. Not only have the holidays been busy, but Facebook has taken over my words and pictures. Honestly I want to be more involved in my blog than on Facebook so don't hate me but I'm thinking about unplugging myself from it and the only way to do that is to turn it off. I wish I could do both, but I just can't. The problem with this blog site is that I still can't figure out how to post pictures so I guess I'm going to have to find a new blog site. I hope no one has forgotten about me but I'm back. I'm going to disconnect from Facebook and find out the picture thing so I can really show you our life. And by the way if you haven't heard, I'M PREGNANT!!!! Watch out world, Vogel #4 is on it's way!

Friday, December 11, 2009

My Perfect Schedule

I can't figure out why, but it has taken me almost 5 years to accept and enjoy that I am a "stay at home mom." Up until recently, I would constantly look for things to do and places to go. I have always noticed the more I do, the more stressed I am and the more tired and edgy the boys are. I would think to myself, "They should be enjoying this fast paced life...they are never bored!" But in reality, we were all too pooped to enjoy each other. There were some days that I realized I didn't even look at my boys in the eyes accept to correct them.
I have finally and joyfully accepted my lot in life. I AM a stay at home mom and that is what I should do. Not that I can't go anywhere, but I want most of our days to be at home, accomplishing things around the house. When I do that on purpose, I am more domestic, I bake and cook dinners on a regular basis, the house stays more in order, I play more with my boys, we stick to our routine, I can deal with character and heart issues that pop up, and I can teach them what it takes to run a house in a lived out, natural way.
So for this season of my life, here would be the perfect schedule. Now all I need to do is be disciplined enough to stick to it!
6-7 am Wake up and seek the Lord
7-8 am Exercise (boys wake up)
8-9 am Daily chores*
9-10 am Play with the boys (preferably outside to get all their energy out)
10 am Snack time
11 am Isaiah's nap
11-12 pm Homeschool Gabe and Judah
12 pm Lunch
1 pm Gabe and Judah's nap/Isaiah wakes up
1-3 pm Play with Isaiah or something personal if he'll play by himself
3 pm Start dinner
5 pm Dinner
6 pm Boys bath time
7 pm Boys in bed
*I have broken up all my chores so that I only do one a day. That way I don't get overwhelmed and I feel good everyday knowing I have accomplished something.
So this is my ideal schedule, but it almost never happens. In fact I don't think it's ever happened, but I try. I know it's boring and soooo repetitive, but I must remember that I am building a foundation for my boys. And truthfully I do enjoy a simpler life. I also know it will go by so fast. Already I feel like I only have 5 years left with Gabe until he is a pre-teen with an attitude! My hope is that if we can build a secure foundation for them in the Lord, we and He will be their anchor.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Love Languages

Love languages are languages we speak without saying words. We all have a love tank that longs to be filled. It's very interesting to learn about yours and very important that you learn what your kids' love languages are. Actually you can find out and fill anyone's love tank and it will greatly benefit both of you. You can learn and apply this to your co-workers, boss, spouse, friends, other family members, teammates, pastor, mentor. Truly, any relationship you have.
A few years ago I bought "The Five Love Languages of Children" by Gary Chapman & Ross Campbell. In case you are not familiar with love languages, they are: #1 Physical Touch, #2 Words of Affirmation, #3 Quality Time, #4 Gifts, and #5 Acts of Service. The book goes into each one in depth. Personally I like all 5!
Sometimes I wonder if our love languages change as we change. When I was first married I was very insecure, so words of affirmation filled me up big time. I'm not at all saying if your love language is words of affirmation that you are insecure. That was me. Now that I have children and more to do around the house, any little act of service from Aaron makes me feel so loved and taken care of. Affirmation is still wonderful, but I don't live and breath by it like I used to.
As I've watched my boys grow, I've been keeping an eye out for their love languages. It's been interesting as they've emerged.
Gabe is a total quality time guy. Sometimes I ask him, "What is it that mommy does that makes you feel special?" He always says,"When you play with me and take walks with me." He loves it when it's just us by ourselves. He comes to life when Aaron or I fill his love tank with quality time. Aaron is so good at this. He pumps him up making him feel like he can't wait to spend time with him and goes on and on about what they are going to do. This morning Aaron put the Christmas lights on the house and Gabe thought he was the "daddy's big helper." He was singing, hugging Aaron, and very churpy.
Judah has always been a snuggle bug. His is clearly physical touch. He lights up and gets this huge smile on his face when I lay with him and talk to him sweet while tickling his face. He gets giggly. When I ask him the same question I ask Gabe, he always says,"When you kiss and hug me." Sometimes I give them multiple choice kind of questions. "Do you like it when mommy hugs and kisses you or plays blocks with you?" Their answer is always the same.
I have no idea what Isaiah's is. He's hard to figure out! Maybe he will be all 5 like me!!