Thursday, May 28, 2009

I'm taking the Homeschool plunge!

Through much prayer, thought, and some great conversations with other homeschooling moms, I've decided to homeschool my kids. Of course my boys aren't in "real" school yet, so I have time to feel it out. I'm going to experiment with a curriculum I found online for preschoolers ages 2-5. I plan on taking things slow and getting my feet wet. That way I can decide how far I want to go with it and if I can handle the real thing. As for now, I'm looking for ideas for the summer to keep us all busy. I want to keep my kids away from the tv and video games and get their attention onto physical activities and learning. So far our plans are to go to the library once a week to get involved in a reading circle. They will also be doing crafts there. Then, I found out that you can register your kids at the bowling alley and get two free games a day! So you know we'll be doing that. We all go stir crazy when we're stuck inside of our house, so we need to keep the activities going. Gabe can get hyper so fast it seems like there is a little Mexican Jumping Bean inside of his little body trying to get out. Judah can hang with anything going on, and Isaiah is Mr. Busybody, exploring everything is his little world with a very short patience level. Since becoming a mom I am ADD (not really but I feel like it). Last summer we went on a local swamp tour. We all got to feed and pet an alligator! I'm sure this summer will have many adventures in store for us. Can't wait!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Walk of Faith

Faith is a challenge in two ways: 1. You have to trust that God is soverign and behind everything that happens in your life. Consequently, 2. Faith keeps you in a constant state of uncertainty, making you feel like you are continually suspended in mid-air. You have no control over anything! Women usually hate this because when we "think" we are in control, we feel safer and more secure. This false sense of security gives us a false sense of peace. The crazy thing is that it's not until we let go of our own control and give the reins over to Soverign God that we experience real peace. God wants us to depend on Him moment by moment. When we do, we give God an opportunity to come through and when he does, we can peacefully rest in Him. I still don't understand why God took my dad away from us, but I don't need to figure that out. All I need to do is eat the daily bread He gives me for today and remain faithful to what He's called me to. In doing this, I KNOW that when God takes things from me, he knows how and when to replace them. Not that He's going to replace my dad because that would be impossible. Anyone who knew him knows there is no one like him! But God will replace the pain of my loss by giving me more of Himself or somehow through love from others. So since I will never know all the answers, I choose to be like the Isrealites and get my manna for today. I will not store up manna or worry about tomorrow. I can trust in Him because He is trustworthy. The One who feeds me today is the same One who will feed me tomorrow. That's faith.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


During my crazy week (see last blog), we had to put our only vehicle in the shop. So my inlaws traded us their van for our kids! They had Gabe and Judah for a day and a night. It was like a dream. I woke up the next morning to a clean and quiet house and actually got to take a shower without having to break up a fight or someone trying to get in with me. It was wonderful. In their van, they have a Sirius Satellite Radio so I discovered that I LOVE 1940's music. It is so innocent. It made me want to fall in love all over again. The singers talked about train rides with their sweethearts, nightingails (birds), a first kiss under the starlight, valentines, etc. I wish I could go back in time when everything seemed right. That's how I felt while I was listening to their songs. I was swept away back in time where nothing was wrong. Speaking of music - KRIS ALLEN WON AMERICAN IDOL!!!!!! I was totally shocked! Maybe you weren't. But I'm glad he won. I'd love to hear from you American Idol watchers out there. Who were you voting for?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Sorry it's been so long since I've written. We've been sooo busy. I love being busy because I get bored easy - even with 3 boys! I think that's partly why I kept getting pregnant; I wanted something exciting to happen in my life. I know that's crazy and probably immature but whatever! And when I'm very busy, I'm impatient and stressed. It's a love/hate thing. Looking back though, we've had a very adventurous week (which feels like a month). So this is what we've been up to: the last day of school for my boys (big party), an all family haircut, a graduation, a wedding, a funeral, a teeball tournament (that lasted two days), Gabe's friend's birthday party (right after church and in between the tournament!), the planning and celebrating of Aaron's birthday (which took two entire days of my time), and yesterday I even filmed a baby's birth! Wow! I think that's just about everything big you can do in life! And I did it all with my kids in toe, which is probably why I wanted to cut my head off at times! Big news: we are also trying for Baby Vogel #4 (hopefully a girl). So stay tuned cause it doesn't take us long. I really love to hear comments. I'm always amazed and excited when someone comments that I had no idea followed. How do you handle being busy?

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Last night was Gabe's second Teeball game. They are all so adorable in their uniforms and hats. Gabe is the only one out there with his baseball pants hiked up to his knees showing his black baseball socks (also hiked up to his knees) with his hat on backwards. My father-in-law says it's the "classic look." He has the cutest "ready stance." It's so funny to watch them look to their coaches for cues on what to do. Even though they run to first base everytime after batting, they still look in anticipation at their coach for where to go while everyone (especially mom) is yelling out, "Go to first base!!" I'm not really a competative person, but I can feel it rising up in me at the games. It's not that I want the other team to loose, I just want my son to kick butt! They look like a flock of ducks running for the same piece of bread when the ball comes their way. And I just love the childlikeness of these kids. After coming in strong from homeplate, Gabe runs with all of his might to me and his grandpa "Pops" to give us a big hug. We laughed so hard picturing a Major Leaguer running straight to his mommy for a big hug after a homerun! And of course we spent about $5 at the concession stand eating and drinking one of everything they had!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

What my Moms taught me

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all you wonderful, hard-working moms!!!!! I woke up so happy today. It's Mother's Day and for the first time in almost 5 years of being a mom I'm proud of myself. When I first became a mom I had all kinds of crazy "false" expectations of motherhood. I thought it would basically be like having a cute little doll that I could play with and show off. WRONG!!! It's the hardest work I've ever done. As the years go on I realize how clueless I am. This past year, however, I've been majorly challenged by my husband to be a better mom. Through talking, thinking, praying, reading books, attending seminars, and listening to podcasts, I've made many changes and have come a very long way. So in a tribute to my own moms who have worked their butts off, I wanted to share a few things I've learned from them. First to my own mom: You've taught me that I can be whatever I want and be the best at it. I've seen you work so hard as a single-mom/career-mom and get to the top. You never quit. You push yourself further than you think you can and have succeeded. You've done nothing but encourage me in everything I've attempted to do and made me believe in myself. Thanks mom. To my mother-in-law: Your kids are your life. You know everything and more about them. You cook, you sew, you care, you watch, you pray, you teach, you listen, you love. And I've seen you do it with your grandkids (my kids). They have now become your focus. You've taught me how to know them, how to love them, how to raise them. Thanks mom. Although it's a little scary to think about how my boys will turn out, I've got the best of both worlds in my moms. So with God's help and theirs, I look foreward to the many new seasons and challenges ahead. Thank you, God, for giving me such great moms.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


The book I'm currently reading is called A Mom After God's Own Heart by Elizabeth George. There is so much meat in it. I love it because it's both spiritual and practical. My eyes have really been opened to the direct influence I have on their hearts just by being their mom. I am going to shape them one way or another and I want it to be for Jesus. I want them to be leaders. I want them to be confident. I want them to be secure in their identity as a Vogel and as a child of God. They are like little hungry birds wanting me to feed them. I think of our relationship as a fountain. Whatever I pour into my heart will overflow into their hearts. If I feed myself lust for materialism, selfishness, negativity, anger, frustration, etc., that is what will be in their hearts. And we all know what's in our heart comes out of our mouth and leads to action and decisions we make, called our future. So what's in our heart determines our destiny. I have to think now about what kind of men I want them to be. It's my choice, however, to fill my heart with the Word of God, love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control, gentleness (the Fruits of the Spirit, Galatians 5:22). Of course I'm not anywhere near perfect in these areas. In fact I'm actually closer to the "need lots of help" side of the spectrum. But I do my best spending daily time reading, memorizing, and meditating on God's Word and in the "fruits" that I really need help in. I let the Holy Spirit pour his cleansing rain into my soul as I spend time in his presence, prayer, and individual worship. I know I am a work in progress so I need to do my best to let God do His work in me for the sake and destiny of my three little boys.

Friday, May 1, 2009


Today was a jam-packed day. Even though I get a little stressed at times, I love those kind of days. First of all, yesterday, it was discovered that Judah might have Chickenpox! I freaked out because as most of you know it is a highly contagious virus. (and my mother-in-law) said it can take 10 days for the virus to clear, at which point the affected person can re-enter society. And with 2 other kids for it to spread to, I'm looking at 30 days of quarantine! That's crazy! So needless to say, the day began with an early morning visit to his Pediatrician, where we got the great news that it wasn't Chickenpox, just bug bites. So off to ChuckECheese we went! After a few errands on the way home, we went to a friends' house for a pool party with my girls (ages 9-12) lifegroup. It was a perfect way to end the semester. We had a fabulous time making a wavepool and going down the waterslide. Their little Dotson even goes down the slide! From there, I was supposed to do a little "girls-night-out" bowling, but I wimped out. So instead, I let my husband go play while I stayed home to clean while listening to a sermon online about marriage. I feel awesome when I fill my soul with good things and wake up to a clean house! Tomorrow will be another busy day starting off with Gabe's teeball practice and a snowball to follow! Chocolate with condensed milk is my favorite.