Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Ramp

This past week I went with Gabe to The Ramp with our children's church. You can check out The Ramp online at to get a better idea of what it is. Basically it is an awakening of a generation to Jesus and what he is doing in the Earth today. This week their gathering was for kids ages 4-12. The worship, speakers, dramas, and dances were inspiring, but the thing that will stand out to me the most were words of wisdom from a fellow mom that I met at one of the services. I noticed their group at the very first service. There were two moms, four boys, and a girl with them. The boys especially caught my attention. They were around 10 years old and worshiped their little hearts out. They even took notes in their own personal boy looking journals with sports themes on the covers. Finally by the last night I got up the courage to ask one of the moms for their motherly wisdom and these are the nuggets she shared with me:
1. As a christian woman, always make sure my own personal relationship is alive and thriving.
2. Put my kids around the kind of atmospheres like The Ramp as much as I can because as they see other kids worship and love God freely, it gives them permission to do the same.
And then she encouraged me to give them space and to let God do what He wants, when He wants, and how He wants.
Then she got her 10 year old son to pray for Gabe. It was so precious. He prayed that Gabe would be a warrior for Jesus, hungry for the Word of God, and that when he was faced with temptation he would make the right choices.
It's hard to believe Gabe will be like those boys in only 4 short years. I can't wait to see what God does!!!


  1. Awesome !!! I am so proud of you for all the dedication, thought, planning and direction you give to all your children. Just spending so much alone time with Gabe speaks volumes to him. He will never forget this experience.

    Love, MOM

  2. Well said Carol! Our grandchildren are in GOOD hands!