Thursday, December 6, 2012

Bringing Back South Africa

After going to South Africa this past summer, we fell so in love with the culture that there were a few things I had to bring back and make a part of our own family culture. One main thing was "Tea Time". I tried really hard but found I'm just not a tea person. I love the idea behind it, though, of taking time out of your day no matter what you are doing to sit down and rest or visit with family and friends. The second was the picture below. The restaurants and the Bed and Breakfast we stayed in always had simple white candles on the tables. We would sit down for dinner just before nightfall, got wrapped up in each others company, and before we knew it, candle light was all around. With a little Christmas flare added in, I finally got my candles and I'm looking forward to enjoying family dinners in candle light.


  1. ....until one of the boys accidentally knocks over one of the candles and .... BOOM.....flames go up in the air! No more candlelight dinners at the Vogel's. I'm just kidding! That really does sound like a great idea. So peaceful.

    1. Oops....forgot to sign it....brig